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Special English Program for Executives

1. What is "SEPE"?
2. Steps of the Subject Given
3. Recourses Used in the Classes
4. Objectives To Be Achieved

1. What is "SEPE"?

"SPECIAL ENGLISH PROGRAM FOR EXECUTIVES" is a series of lessons with a logical sequence of an ever-growing, most attractive and interesting subject, for people who wish to improve their language, through readings, speaking, and the development of the ability to listen and understand, even the fastest colloquial American English.

This program has clearly defined goals, which will be achieved with the help of multimedia programs, handled by highly specialized teachers. They follow and help the students in each step they make.

In just a few classes, students feel an enormous change in the way they pronounce, read, write, and understand English.

See more details in "Results To Be Achieved."

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2. Steps of the Subject Given


It helps students develop fluency in a normal and colloquial conversation.

• If you have to speak English, speak it fluently and in the right way.
• Get the attention you need or want from your listeners.
• Make yourself respected and admired.
• Let the others speak wrong. You will speak right.
• Show the others you are intelligent and deserves credit.
• Make yourself better understood using fewer words, without going round and round with meaningless sentences.
• Go straight to the point you need through a clear conversation.


It makes it possible for the students to pronounce thousands of words in the correct way.

• Once you’ve learned how to read the phonetic symbols properly, a new world in the study of the English language is revealed to you.
• No more words will be pronounced wrongly.
• No more fear in saying a word or a sentence quickly.
• You will get self-confidence (you need for your success).



Through many interesting texts, this step leads the students to develop extreme ability to understand the language orally, even when it’s spoken fast.

• You will get the practice to understand an American speaking to you on the phone or personally (even if he uses with his normal speed).
• You will understand CNN’s broadcasts in English.
• You will understand movies. No more reading subtitles.
• You will understand your favorite songs on the radio.



It helps the students read any kind of text exactly the way an American does it.

• Learn how to link the words.
• Learn where the stops are while you’re reading.
• Learn the correct intonation and voice level.
• Feel free to read anything you need just as it should be.
• You will enjoy readings from the moment you start being proud of your own voice.

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3. Recourses Used in the Classes

The whole program is developed with the presentation of sound and color image files, through modern multimedia programs.

Sound files in stereo bring high quality to the classes, and - along with the image files - make it much easier for the students to get the expected development, in every detail of the language.

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4. Objectives To Be Achieved

Upon conclusion of SEPE, you will:

1. pronounce the words correctly
Because if you need to speak English, you have to speak it very well (let the others make mistakes).

2. avoid wrong constructions
Speak clearly and be direct: no more going round and round with a bad communication line.

3. have a perfect reading
You will get the ability to read any of the thousand words found in dictionaries, exactly the way Americans do. This program includes phonetic lessons.

4. speak English fluently
Get the ability to speak fluently, making all the possible linkings. Through special texts, the students develop speed and the correct intonation while speaking.

5. understand the others
• No more misunderstandings when others are speaking to you. No matter how fast they talk, you will understand.
• Enjoy CNN's news in English.
• Have fun with movies and songs.
• Dig the English language in its whole.

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